Different not Different, Studio IAAN, Berlin, Germany, 2013

DIFFERENT NOT DIFFERENT is a pilot project that should give juveniles with migrant background or from multi-cultural families the ability to express their selves. artists and adolescents to take part in that art- and education project on a voluntary basis.


What is it, that let me like 

How much do you understand about yourself?
How much is it important to understand what you like and are interested in?
If I had had a person who gave this question to me and watched me
when I was a little, which kind of change could be in my life? With a photo and an essay, as a student takes the subject for photography of what he is interested in and records his emotion while seeing it, he can see around him with more interest and watches himself with more interest. The author selects what a student like and what he doesn’t like of his words without him being aware of it and records it, and finally visualizes it. The record by observation is to visualize emotion, so that it is to see more objectively the subject. With this photo diary form, I would like to find an answer for the questions above.